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Please understand this is NOT a guarantee!!! It has worked for me as well as others…

So you got some Call Duck Hatching Eggs!! But after doing some researching you realize, these type of eggs are considered “hard to hatch”. They definitely are a challenge.  I have tried MANY different ways and TONS of Eggs later, I was finally successful. Perhaps my methods can help you too.  The ONE advantage about duck eggs is there shells are very thick, thicker than a chicken egg, so it makes it a little tougher for the post office to destroy them.   It usually takes 25 to 26 days for call duck to hatch (please refer to the number of days for the particular duck you plan on hatching since each duck does varies, however, chickens are usually 21 days).

CARE FOR SHIPPED EGG: the first thing you should do is candle them (this goes for ducks or chicken eggs). By candling them you need to look for cracks that doesn’t appear with the naked eye as well as looking for loose or detachable air cell. Second thing is to let them SET. Eggs can be set however long your preference is some will wait 24 hours, I only waited 8 hours.  My theory is to get them in as soon as possible to begin development.  They should be placed in an egg carton with the Large or Big End up, I have always placed my egg carton on top of my already going incubator.

Once you are ready to place them in the incubator, candle them again.  Determine if they still have loose or detachable air cells check to see if they have reattached themselves. Loose Air cells are still recoverable but will need an extra step. I personally have never had any luck with detachable air cells. When you come across one of these problems take the extra step of setting them in the incubator large/big end up without the turning them.  They will need to be shifted slightly either left to right or back and forth to avoid the embryo from sticking to the side of the shell.  Shift them ONCE a day for about 5 to 7 days, at that time candle them once more to see if any progress or development has started. I usually can tell by day 3 or 4 for chickens and ducks.  Since duck eggs take longer to hatch, they should always be giving a longer time...  If no progress after 7 days, give them another 3 more days before tossing them, these eggs are considered to damaged to develop.

LET’S BEGIN THE METHOD: I have always had a better hatching rate if my eggs are laying down ..  AS SOON AS there is development whether or not it still has a loose or detachable air cell lay them down on the bottom of the incubator.  My eggs got turned three times a day, it does NOT matter what time you turn your eggs, my turning times were 8:30am, 6:30pm then again at midnight, just make sure you have at LEAST 4 hours increment between each turning…

Each one of my eggs had an “X” on one side and the opposite side an “O”.  After each turn, I will sponge them EXCEPT chickens eggs, skip this procedure for them.  Sponge each one by touching each egg making sure the water drips down the side of the shell. Your humidity should be 20 or 30 percent. I did not add any water to my incubator at anytime.  The water from sponging seems to be plenty as far as what they needed.. Do this from day ONE up to 3 days before hatching day, even for the eggs that you are waiting to reattach themselves such as your loose and detachable air cells, sponge them.

FOUR days before Hatching day, I do not turn them anymore but I will continue to sponge them.  The large/big end of the egg should be tilted or slanted slightly upwards, this usually helps with upside downers and gives the baby a chance to get into the correct position for hatching.

THREE days before due date, I will spike up the humidity to 60-65, the temp stays at 99 or 100 for air and 101 to 102 for still air incubators.  It is important that you DO NOT ALLOW the humidity to reach 80 or above, this has end the process for me however,  I have heard others say it doesn’t affect there hatchings.  If it goes to 70-75, they should still be OK for hatching but try to get it lowered.

ONE day past due date, if there is no progress but the baby is still alive when candling, make a Safe Hole. After making them a safe hole allow them 24 hours to make progress.  If no progress has been made, you will need to intervene.  This can be a very long and intense process but well worth the outcome.  Please do NOT intervene until there due date has come and gone…. ALWAYS, ALWAYS give them there due dates, the MOST important thing to remember when hatching is you are on THEIR schedule NOT yours !!!

If you feel the need to intervene and it’s your first time OR your just to nerves about doing it give me a shut and will do it together. I can be contacted at 330-805-9705, together we can do this safely.  I’m available anytime for questions or help, PLEASE consider this your 911 for hatching. LOL Good luck, I hope this Method or my other Methods work for you.  I would love to see your results and hear what method you have chosen. You can email me at with pictures.  THANK YOU.. Top


For Ducks and/or Chickens